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You Know It’s Time To Declutter When..

1. You have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear

Most of us are guilty of this. We hoard our closet with sentimental clothing, bygone trends, fix-it-pile, may wear it in future items. These articles of clothing hinders us from picking what suits you the best at present. Cutting down these distractions will help you understand what you actually have and what is it that you need.

2. You can’t find anything in the rubble

If it takes you more than five minutes to dig through the pile and find that one top, it is time to detox. Save yourself the time and the unnecessary hassle by eliminating excess. Swap or donate. It will help you access the clothes you love and regularly wear.

3. You have shoe pillars and nested bags

If your small purses are stored inside the bigger ones, shoes are placed on top of each other (it flattens the shoes), if there is tangled ball of necklaces, it is time to purge. While a great use of space, if you are doing this in plenty then cut your collection.

4. Your apartment looks like it’s been robbed

If you regularly find ‘closet-spill’ in your living space, on the chairs, the treadmills or a secret invasion of your partner’s side of the closet is underplay, it’s a tell tale sign to reduce your bloated collection.

5. You have clothes circa 2005

If find clothes circa 2005 in your closet, it is sign that you relook your wardrobe. Dated clothing also means that if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing for over a year, chances are you are never going to wear it again. Part ways with those items and have someone else enjoy it.

6. You underwent some big life changes

As humans our lives undergo constant change—physically and circumstantially. We might lose weight, gain some, have a baby, start a new job or, move from a cold country to a warmer climate. Your preferences and likings too will evolve with time. Every next level of your life will demand a different you. Get rid of clothes that no longer apply to your present body shape, life situation or your changed taste. Make space for the new you.

7. Your wrinkle-free clothes have wrinkles

There is a reason we hang our clothes on the hangers, so that they are not wrinkled. But if you find that your clothes are being creased after two days on the hanger, it means your closet is stuffed with way too many clothing and you need to take out the extras.

8. You have price tags on items for more than a month

If you find clothes in your closet that are still pierced with the price tags, it means you seriously need to review your wardrobe. Give away these pieces and let someone else enjoy it.

In the words of Marie Kondo, an effective way to decide KEEP OR TOSS is that every item in your closet should fit well, should be loved, worn regularly and be an expression of who you are today.

Closets are easily prone to becoming our dumping sites, if left unchecked. It’s a common habit to callously keep filling in this space as we spend just few minutes of our day in it. This is particularly relevant and common in present under the temptations of fast fashion, where we end up with an overflowing closet filled with trend infatuation that fizzles out after two wears.

Hence, think of your closet space as a valuable real estate. Don’t let items linger without paying rent. If you don’t wear it or love it, evict it. Look out for these soothsayer signs to purge on time.



Hi I'm Menka! I am from India.

In my happy place, I am making ayurvedic concoctions for beauty and wellness. 

Notoriously, pinterest-ing fashion and decor. And, I love forests.

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