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Swapaholic's events encourage one to swap their fashion and mindset.  

Since 2017, Swapaholic has hosted over 40 Swap Parties, Swap Meets, Preloved Fashion and Conscious Fashion Events.  Our signature slogan #WakeUpAndSwap, encourages fashionistas not just to swap fashion, but moreover to swap mindsets. 


Swap Parties

Our Fashion Swap Parties or Clothing Swap Meets, have hosted thousands of people in Singapore. Our formats have ranged from 50 to 4000 eco warriors coming together to swap fashion and their mindsets.

Swap Parties

Swap Parties

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The Rescue Project

The Rescue Project serves to rescue less than perfect fashion that is rewearable, repairable or reusable. The project hosts a declutter drive where fashion can be donated and a refresh party where the donated fashion can be rehomed.