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Swap with your siblings or parents this Earth Month

Looking to support your family to be more conscious, join the conversation and party!



Ongoing #WakeUpAndSwap Happenings

It's time to swap our mindsets, habits and actions to make more conscious fashion decisions. We're working hard to create many avenues to empower you to Wake Up And Swap. Join us in our commitment to our planet. 

Swapalicious Scoop

Watch our past Swap Party highlights.

Wake Up & Swap Panel   |  Oct 2022

Wake Up & Swap Panel | Oct 2022

At our Swap Shop, the Squad hosted some of SG’s most inspiring eco-warriors on a conversation around what it means to 'wake up & swap' one's actions toward being more sustainable. Our incredible panellists Anisa Johnny, Jasmine Tuan, Yin Ling Tan, Lara Rath, Anuja Aggarwal & Martin Johnny who shared diverse and personal insights on eco-consciousness, fashion sustainability, ecopreneurship and positive activism. Vivian Lim from The Idea Co. and Bridge the GEN moderated the panel and shared her meaningful insights too. Our experts had different approaches to being green and unanimously agreed that sustainability is a personal journey and it's the little green steps that matter. Our preloved party commenced right after the panel which showcased super cool prelived fashion, treats from Tiqa Bakes and Don't Yell at Me and soulful tunes by Odelia Rei. ♻️ MINI MASTERCLASSES Our experts sharing doesn't stop here. Get inspired by their 5-17 min mini masterclasses to learn how to Wake up and Swap your mindsets and actions! Swapaholic’s Mini Masterclass series aims for the community to learn from educators and ecopreneurs. Topics range from eco consciousness, sustainability, ecopreneurship, positive activism to sustainable fashion. Our experts’ practical approach toward thinking green, will help you as an individual, eco warrior, activist or ecopreneur. #swapdontshop #swappingfashion #clothesswap #zerowaste #Masterclass #consciousconsumer #prelovedfashion #secondhandfashion #prelovedfashion #thrifting #responsiblefashion #sustainablefashion #closingtheloop #consciousfashion #fashionwaste

Swap, Sell & Buy

preloved fashion with us

Confessions of a Swapaholic

Our confessions are open, honest & transparent.

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No two pieces are the same.

I swap to look unique. Every piece is one of a kind and makes me feel really special. I love a good story!



The thrill of seeking

Swapping was really fun. It was almost like a scavenger hunt, and I got some great new pieces in an eco-friendly way!



They are staples for my wardrobe.

I love swapping because of the large collection of clothes to choose from. I always end up walking away with pieces that become staples in my wardrobe.

SIMRAN, Student


My IG posts are always fresh.

I swap to frequently refresh my fashion without the guilt of hurting my wallet and the planet.

JOELLE, Photographer