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It's time to WAKE UP & SWAP from the slumber of unconscious consumption!


Join us in taking a pledge to wear only preloved ♻️

 📅  Any 3 months till Dec 2023


#WakeUpAndSwap by pledging to wear only preloved fashion for 3 months


Post 1 preloved look a month and tag us


Add an inspirational caption


Hashtag #swapaholic #wakeupandswap #3monthsnonew #swapaholicmarketplace #prelovedpledge


Your actions make a HUGE difference to our planet's wellbeing! Thank YOU.

Thank you Green Warrior

REWARDS for Waking Up And Swapping

So the real reward is saving our planet. But we're SO delighted that you're doing this that we wanted to thank you in every way possible. Winners will be announced in January 2024.

  • How does Swapaholic work?
    ♻️ SWAP IN items from your closet and pay a service fee ♻️EARN points for each of your items ♻️SWAP OUT items from the Shop or Online using your points! 💳Details on the Online 💳Details on the Shop
  • How much is the service fee?
    Our very affordable service fee differs across our omni channel platforms to ensure we keep the prices for each option as low as possible. 🛍 SHOP SHOP🛍 ONLINE PLANS: 🛍 EVENTS: Pricing varies based on the event venue and sponspors
  • Where is the Swap Shop?
    #04-07 Orchard Central. We're open daily from 11 am - 10 pm
  • How does the Swapling Point system work?
    Swapling Points are calculated using our proprietary algorithm that assesses your item based on several parameters including but not limited to the fabric, brand, style, trend etc. You can guesstimate the value of your items on our homepage.

Pledge to save our planet

According to Channel News Asia, the average Singaporean buys 34 clothes and disposes 27 every year. If this is familiar to you,  by taking the pledge, you will save an estimated:

Preloved Pledgers

These are some of the green warriors committed to prolonging the life of our planet.

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