Stitch by Stitch: Passion for Circular Fashion

This is an article written by Kelly Khoo, our Store Manager a.k.a the mother hen and superhuman who is always multitasking in the Swap Shop. On her off days, Kelly is always thinking of creative ways to up-cycle fabric and work her magic with arts and craft!

Imagine if our clothes have a voice. How will they feel when majority of humans only used twenty percent of their wardrobe?

What about the neglected eighty percent?

Will they cry out with joy when we give them new homes or donate to charities? Or will they mourn with bitter tears when we choose to throw them away? Allowing them to be lying in Semakau landfill, helplessly waiting for their doomsday.

I think they might finally feel relived when circular fashion becomes the new norm.

Join me in this movement to save at least a small percentage of our wardrobe by prolonging the lifespan of our daily wear.