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Straight From Swapaholics: Bianca

"What I love about swapping is that I can get clothes not just for work, but also casual everyday wear and glam occasions." Bianca Tham

If you find Bianca familiar, that is because she's often featured on media channels, passionately sharing about ground up initiatives such as dumpster diving. We've met Bianca since the early days of organising physical swap parties and love her warm and joyful demeanour.

Bianca often brings a new friend to swap parties, sharing tips & tricks to make the best out of their swap experience. She keeps contact with a close-knitted group of sustainable advocates to discuss environmental issues, motivate one another through their sustainable journey and share latest green activities to participate in.

It was an obvious choice to feature Bianca for our Straight From Swapaholics series.

In this two-part interview, Bianca candidly shares her views on spreading climate emergency in both her personal and professional setting. Not only that, we took a glimpse into her favourite Swapalicious items and find out her thoughts on swapping.

Part 1: Bianca shares with us her Swapalicous style and best swapped troves!

Part 2: Bianca shares how she addresses climate change through educating her students, and (surprise, surprise!) being an ex-shopaholic!

Can't get enough? Check out Bianca's Swapalicious outfits below and follow her on social media: @sswithmsbianca.

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