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Meet the Swap Squad: Mira

The face behind most of our online content and the friendly smile that greets you warmly at our Swap Shop, assisting you in your fashion choices and decisions. Mira not only will be assisting in your Swap Shop experience but she is also involved in the operation at our warehouse studio with your online orders from our exclusive collections.

Known for her great advice in fashion to our swapalicious customers' queries, our reliable and resourceful Sales and Operation Assistant of 2 years is a huge Foodie. In her downtime, Mira loves hunting out new places of varied cuisines to try out and as the true foodie that she is, Mira also loves trying out new recipes, especially baking in her home kitchen for her family and friends. Not only that she inclined in the arts of culinary, but Mira is also very much into crafting beautiful masterpieces made out of yarns and painted pieces from her drawings.

Aside from her love of food and creating art, this newlywed of July 2021 is a homebody who loves enjoying quality time spent with her family over movies of horror, and documentaries on varied subject matters. Among her peers in Swapaholic, she is known as a sister figure who is always there for not just fashion-related advice but also for her wisdom that's beyond her age of 27 and generosity in lending her hand to anyone who needs it. Her bubbly personality and contagious laughter never fail to put your frown upside down.

This convert shopaholic to swapaholic is always generous with her eco-fashion tips and suggestions in sustainable styling. So whenever you're on a visit to the Swap Shop, feel free to approach our very own fashion guru who is always delighted to be at your service.

Want to get to know more about our Mira? Check out the short interview we had with her below 💚

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