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Meet the Swap Squad: Kelly

" Bloom like a flower

Dancing with the wind

Be free from this weary world

Live like what you are meant to be

Embrace your inner beauty

The mother nature welcomes you

Cradles you like a new born child

Be a free living soul

Pushing past storms

But bringing in a glimpse of hope

Like a morning dew of faith on the petal

A brave flower surviving after a storm. "

Blooming, the title to the poem above written by our Kelly on embrace, acceptance and love upon oneself, extracted from one of her original poetry collections.

She find inspirations for the creativity through being outdoor with nature, traveling to new places, socialising with loved ones, chilling in cafes and simply just strolling around the streets admiring various views, as said by Kelly -

" Being creative is stepping out of your comfort zone, always on the move to be inspired and innovate. " and " Art is a journey to endless imagination, take that step to create your own masterpiece. "

Not only that she loves expressing her thoughts, emotions and inspirations through words of poetry. She also love expressing them in various crafts such as crocheting and embroidery, embedding them in her style and fashion, breathing new life to her loved garments making her slow fashion lifestyle personalised, fun and chic.

This free spirited retail manager of ours not only an addict to chocolates, shes also a lover of dogs, especially to her very own beloved pomsky named Koby. Its joyous playful energy brings nothing but love and light towards Kelly's life relieving fatigues from her daily reality.

Want to get to know more about our Kelly? Check out the short interview we had with her below 💚

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