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Meet the Swap Squad: Mas

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Meet Mastura aka Mas! “All for one and one for all“ is a quote that Mas lives up to, upon taking challenges ahead as a leader and a team player, reminding us that “there's always more than one solution to every problem“.

Famous for her organization and problem-solving skills, Mas is considered as one of our fiercest green-warrior who is always on standby to ensure that every operation ongoing goes smooth as silk and also offers guidance to the rest of the green-warriors.

Loving and caring nature that she is, Mas, was given the title ‘Mama Mas’ by her peers in Swapaholic, as she always ensures that the team is always well fed and taken care of. This senior operator and swap therapist of 4 years and counting has never been stingy when it comes to her offering guidance to others.

Mama Mas is not just a loving motherly figure to Swapaholic but also an actual one to two beautiful and smart teenage daughters and a wife to a sweetheart husband of 22 years. During her free time, our dear Mama Mas loves to kick back, relax and spend good old quality time with her family and loved ones, and what better ways to spend than to sing karaoke, dance, watch movies, and one-on-one bonding. Laughter is definitely her recipe that she generously shares with everyone at every moment possible, there's never a dull one with this underrated comic of ours.

Despite being a simple homebody and a family-oriented person who enjoys living her life slowly and carefree, Mas’ personal style and take on fashion match perfectly with her feisty personality. Much expected from a well-experienced Hairstylist of 15 years if you ask me. Being one of the curators behind the scene in the studio, getting models styled and ready is definitely her forte.

Want to get to know more about our Mas? Check out the short interview we had with her below 💚

And that’s our Mas, who gives friendly advice to style and fashion that makes your swapping event an enjoyable experience!

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