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Green Circle: Meet Camira Asrori

Study hard! Don’t quit school! Pursue your passion. It will be hard but one day it’ll be worth it  — Camira

Hi Camira, Tell us more about yourself.

Camira: I’m a fashion KOL, fashion stylist & designer behind CAMIRA ASRORI. I have an obsession with statement earrings haha.

Tell us more about your label, CAMIRA ASRORI C: CAMIRA ASRORI started off as a resort-wear label but has now evolved into an everyday resort-wear inspired label. I started the brand because I wanted to encourage women to wear colours and prints!

What were some challenges faced building a brand and are there any ethical practices enforced? C: Too many challenges haha! One of the biggest challenges is definitely hiring a core team, finding the right people that lives, breathes and believes in the brand like me.

We work with a family-run factory and all materials, resources and manpower are based in Guangzhou. That minimises our carbon footprint. We participated in the #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES campaign by Fashion Revolution in 2019 to show what goes on behind our clothing.

We use leftover fabrics in the factory to make our samples before we finalise the design so that we do not waste new resources. For our Cruise 19 collection, the whole collection was made from the leftover fabric from one of our design in Cruise 18. We mix and match it with existing plain fabrics we have lying around in the factory.

We try our best to be sustainable but it’s still a journey for us :)

That's great commitment to be sustainably conscious as a brand label. Kudos to you and Team CAMIRA ASRORI!

Now share with us,

you've attended our swap parties before, so what do you enjoy most about swapping?

C: The excitement of finding a gem amongst the racks! The feeling of not knowing what you’ll find that day.

What is one poor habit you've swapped out from your life for something better?

C: Over-spending. I used to buy one item in a few different colours, or a few pairs of shoes at the same time. Now I only buy pieces that I will wear in a long time.

Spill the beans! How do you always look so healthy and glowing?

C: Haha! I wish! There are days I don’t but they’re just not on IG 😝 But being happy with what you do helps.

What is one advice you will tell your 18 year old self?

C: Study hard! Don’t quit school! Pursue your passion. It will be hard but one day it’ll be worth it (I still tell the last one to myself up till today haha).


Keep a lookout for Camira's Swapalicious outfits online!

Nobody's a stranger here, follow Camira on Instagram @camira.asrori

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