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Trend Spot: Neon

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

In a society where everything - lattes, housing and education is becoming more expensive, how is clothing becoming less expensive?


Starting off, we’re taking inspiration from the era of ‘80s disco/workout fashion when neon was a head to toe commitment. Having on a single colour can be tricky for fear of looking one-dimensional, especially so when it’s in such bright hues.

You want to wear neon and not have it wearing you so a flattering silhouette, overlapping textures and complementary accessories are elements you can play around with to add dimension to your outfit. Proper styling transforms an almost-costume into at its peak, a day-to-night appropriate get-up - consider how different an outfit will look with just a change of shoes!


To integrate neon into your closet, let it first take on the role of an accent. We’re talking neon laces, neon ankle-highs, neon bum bags, neon shades.. you get the drift. Peep your local charity shops as they’re often homes to halloween costumes and trendy seasonal items for cheap.

On the other hand, accenting your outfit with neon creates a sense of harmony between pieces. This way, wearing neon as a statement article won’t have you standing out like a sore thumb but instead, illuminated by a subtle glow.


Experimenting with neon can be your gateway to a more lively wardrobe. We love animal prints paired with neon - a duo of individual trends that always make a comeback through the seasons. We also love a good colour-blocking! The fun in fashion is in how a method can produce different results. Colour-blocking for example, is heavily experimented and proven a hit with streetwear and preppy retro styles.

Unlike no-brainers such as neutral tones and denim, neon is not something you’d put on and scoot out the door. There really is nothing quite as loud as it but it’s convinced us that even the brightest of colours transcend the limits of age. We’re seeing full-neon not just at the gym and at festivals but on the streets and in meeting rooms as well so don’t be afraid to delve right in - life’s too short to dress safe!



Hello, my name is Claudia Ho.

Fashion, sappy poetry and building small virtual worlds are amongst some things I enjoy.

Sometimes I cut up the IKEA catalogue, ponder about the here and now and draw boys on Tinder - all of which you can view here.

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