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How To Style For Your Body Type

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions” — Coco Chanel

Ever wonder why you feel best in those frequent 5 outfits when you got heaps in your closet?

Believe it or not, fit of the garment is the prime accused here.

A Berkeley Report backing the claim says that you may be repelling majority of your clothes because of poor garment fit.

Brands adopt a generalized S,M,L size guide which isn’t enough to flatter our individual shapes! Same applies to trending silhouettes, not all will be compatible with different body contours.

So wondering how to dress for your body type and avoid making the grave error of buying from a homogenous size chart?

Help is here!

#1 The Pretty Pear

Think Beyonce .

Body Features

You got well worked legs, the very trending booty and a relatively petit upper body.

Biggest asset

Your torso! It always looks tiny even when you are a kilo or two up. That gives a lot of room for fashion play.


Adding visual weight and attention on the upper part, creates an illusion of balance. But it never hurts to accentuate that booty and visually small waist either. High-waist pants, A-line skirts, maxis or dresses with patterned or ruffled tops, sweetheart, and v-neckline tops are some great options. Skinny jeans with loose tops can also help create that hourglass illusion. Statement necklaces and shoulder bags are wise add ons.


(The term implies things that don’t work for a particular body type) Anything that adds extra visual weight on your lower body in proportion to your upper body. Statement skirts, patterns and embellishments on thighs and hips, low slung belts & low waist jeans.

#2 The Gorgeous Apple

Think Adele.

Body Features

You got a nice slim lower body complimented by defined shoulders. Endowed with big bosom, the upper body is visually heavier than the lower.

Biggest asset

Your amazingly proportionate shoulders and legs. Put them on constant display.


Flaunt your assets and draw attention to your chest. V and wide-necklines, flared pants and skirts, empire cuts and wrap dresses are ideal silhouettes. Statement necklaces and dangler earrings, wedges and handbags are brilliant accessorising options.


You want to avoid adding extra attention to your chest, since your natural body does the work for you! High waist pants and skirts, embroidery or embellishments around the waistline, layering the upper body. Heavier pieces like jackets or accents like ruffles.

#3 The Sporty Straight

Think her royal highness, Kate Middleton.

Body Features

You have a rectangular body frame with equally wide shoulders and hips.

Biggest Asset

You are blessed with one of the easiest body shape to dress. You can either work towards creating visual hourglass curve or just own your figure like the super chic chicks of the 90s.


Draw focus and definition to your waistline for creating virtual curves. To mutate to a feminine hourglass figure add shape softeners like ruffles, sleeveless, strapless and sweetheart necklines. Make belts your new BFF.


Straight cut silhouette that will further straighten out the body shape, unless you enjoy the runway androgyny!

#4 The Sexy Hourglass

Think Scarlett Johansson

Body Features

You got the most envied figure of all. A well balanced shoulder and hip, added with a defined waistline.

Biggest Asset

That whimsically moulded waist. Highlight that beautiful line. If you got it why not flaunt it!


Play by your trump card—your curves! Your body shape offers wear-ability of most silhouettes but choose the ones that highlight your natural curvatures.


Anything that hides those God gifted curves.

Clothes are an immediate expression of self and our emotions. Your clothes should address your emotional, expressive and physical qualities. It should not try to undo, ignore or hide who you are or your body.

Remember this next time you are choosing an ensemble; pick outfits compatible to your beautiful body shape (not just generic size) so that you will want to wear it again and again. This is what Vivienne Westwood meant when she said, ‘Choose Well, Buy Less, and Make It Last.’



Hi I'm Menka! I am from India.

In my happy place, I am making ayurvedic concoctions for beauty and wellness. 

Notoriously, pinterest-ing fashion and decor. And, I love forests.

Let's connect on Instagram.

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