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10 Days of Declutter to achieve your clutter-free dream wardrobe.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Curate a clutter-free dream wardrobe by taking a closer look into the clothes you own and cleanse out fashion items that no longer serves it's purpose but worthy to be re-loved by a new owner!

Grab your notebooks Swapaholics! It's time to take down tips from the expert in mindful living & conscious curation - lifestyle blogger, Biek Speijk of Biekaleidoscope


The beauty of the 10-day challenge is the flexibility to start at your own pace. It is absolutely fuss-free and does not cost a dime.

All you have to do is set aside 10 minutes a day to complete simple activities which Biek will share in her daily video.

Day Zero: An Introduction to the 10 days declutter challenge. Don't forget to post your updates on social media. We can't wait to check out your progress!

Day One: The awareness exercise.

It is time to visualize your closet and pen down your answers for these two questions:

💚Are you holding on to something because it was expensive?

💚Do you feel guilty for getting rid of items that were a present?

Template to pen down your thoughts: Download Here

Biek also shares more in-depth knowledge on her blog:

Day Two: Analyze your essential items.

Vivienne Westwood says it best. Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

In Day Two, we’re discovering the most essential items in your wardrobe that defined your style personality, and why do you LOVE them!

Four prompts to guide you along:

▪️FABRIC: Handfeel and analyze what you like about the item.

▪️COLOUR: Analyze for neutral tones that are easy to pair with other items. Does your favourite items compliment your skin?

▪️FIT: Analyze your signature fit.

▪️BRAND:Analyze your favourite brands.

Find out more about building an essential wardrobe with the items you already own and LOVE:

When you’re ready, let’s discuss and share our learnings. Here's an activity template to guide you through.

Day Three: Raid your closet for casual tops

Things heating up over here! We’re moving on to clothing categories starting with —CASUAL TOPS! Choose at least 1 casual top that no longer meets your values and needs.

Then, put them in your ‘Declutter Pile’.

✨Need an effective way to fold your tops? Biek shares some interesting tips over on her blog:

Day Four: Raid your closet for formal taps

Today we’re advancing to dressier items — SHIRTS & BLOUSES. Choose at least 1 formal top that no longer meets your values and needs. In today's challenge, Biek also shares the construction of a shirt to easily identify a quality fit.

Day Five: We're going down with pants & jeans

Fun fact! Did you know Biek used to be a denim designer specializing in pants, shorts and jumpsuits?

Today, Biek spills the beans on pants tailoring which is her domain! Now's the best chance to take down tips and sound like a fashion pro.

Once you've completed the video, add TROUSERS/ PANTS/ JEANS that no longer serves your needs into the ‘Declutter Pile’.

✨How to fold your bottoms to maximise space? Biek shares some interesting tips over on her blog:

Day Six: Raid your closet for shorts and skirts.

Congratulations! You're halfway through this challenge. Decluttering our closet by category allows us to get in touch with our wants and needs. This also helps us to appreciate more of the garments that we choose to keep.

You know the drills by now. Add SHORTS & SKIRTS that no longer serves your needs into the ‘Declutter Pile’.

Day Seven: What's your style personality?

Today Biek will deconstruct the different style personalities to help us better identify the items to keep in our wardrobe. Then, we will remove DRESSES & JUMPSUITS that no longer serves your needs into the ‘Declutter Pile’.

✨Wanna nail that signature look? Hop over to to get the rundown.

Day Eight: Raid your closet for that Ugly Christmas Sweater that you really don't need.

Confession! We have too many sweaters and jackets that are not relevant in Singapore’s humid climate.

Now be honest with yourself and add SWEATERS/ KNITWEAR/ CARDIGANS/ JACKETS that no longer serves your needs into the ‘Declutter Pile’.

Day Nine: Raid your closet for accessories, shoes and bags!

We’re so near to the finishing line. Today we’re giving our attention to final category and that is ACCESSORIES/ SHOES/ BAGS!

This might be a tough one, so let’s rewind back to Day 7 when Biek explained the four different style personalities.

Truly understanding your style personality provides a clear vision of things that should stay in your wardrobe. Read more at:

Day Ten: If you love them, let them free.

First off, thank you for your determination. You’ve made it this far and we’re SO SO proud of your dedication! We’ve left the best activity for the last.

Take some time today to sort out your beautiful pile of clothes and accessories. There are plenty of ideas to give your fashion pieces a second life. If you’re down for a mini DIY project, visit Biek’s blog to find out more about the Biekindle project:

Finally, share with us your decluttering experience. More than just a clutter-free wardrobe, we want to know how this journey truly benefited you. Share your thoughts in the comment box below or tag us Swapaholic & Biekaleidoscope!

Catch you soon! x

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