Let’s rescue pre-loved items from reaching our one and only  Semakau landfill!





📅 26 Mar - 4 Apr 2021 

📍 313@somerset | #02-25 (Opp. Starbucks)

⏱️ 11 am - 8 pm 

💰 Free 

🛍️ Drop off a bagful of pre-owned items to give them a new lease of life. 



📅 17 & 18 Apr 2021 

📍 313@somerset | #02-25 (Opp. Starbucks)⏱️ Slot based 

💰 S$ 15 (Original S$ 30) SOLD OUT

*Enjoy 50%* off your registration fee. Limited slots available.

🛍️ Sift through thousands of pre-loved items and rescue a bagful of items. Use your imagination to rewear, repair, or repurpose these one-of-a-kind gems.

Things to know before you register

The Rescue Project is not a typical Swap Party. Please read before you register.

♻️ Accepted for Declutter / Donation (26 Mar-4 Apr)

WE ACCEPT Pre-loved fashion items that are gently loved. ✔️Clothes
✔️Accessories ❤️'GENTLY LOVED' DEFINITION Items in perfect, loved or rescuable condition. ✔️Items with minor wear & tear ✔️Barely noticeable stains in corners or inner lining ✔️Loose threads that can be cut off ✔️Loose, missing or minor damages on buttons that can be easily replaced ✔️Broken zippers that it's possible to replace WE REJECT Non fashion items or fashion items that are in terrible condition.​ ❌Underwear
❌Used swimsuit
❌Used socks
❌Used towels, textiles & old rags ❌Corporate/Fan memorabilia & merchandize
❌Toys, story books
❌Electronic appliances 💔'TERRIBLE CONDITION' DEFINITION Items that are impossible to rescue ❌Major Stains
❌Bodily fluids ❌Tears/Rips ❌Old, faded, balling

🛍️Refreshing Rules (17 & 18 Apr )

✅DOS ​✔️Register early to avoid disappointment
✔️Stick to your time slot
✔️Bring your own bag to fill up. Max size : 21 3/4 (l) x 14 1/2 (d) x 13 3/4 (h) inches Est. a huge tote that you can fill MAX 25-30 items with. *Bags will be checked upon check in & check out. DON'TS ❌Trials during event due to Covid Restrictions
❌Non transferrable registration
❌No luggages

♻️ How many items can I declutter? (26 Mar-4 Apr)

✅ Donate only 1 bagful Max size : 21 3/4 (l) x 14 1/2 (d) x 13 3/4 (h) inches Est. a huge tote that you can fill at least 25-30 items with. ✅ Take back rejected items on the spot. ✅ You can only choose to declutter or donate without refreshing. ✅ No appointment needed ✅Free

😷Covid Measures

✔️Safe entry check in & out ✔️Safe distancing
✔️Wear Masks at all times
✔️Temperature Checks
✔️Hand sanitisation before entry

🛍️What to expect at the Refresh Party (17 & 18 Apr)

✅You will find ​✔️Items that are rewearable ✔️Items that are repairable
✔️Items that can be repurposed ✔️Every session will display an equal number of items, sizes and categories. ✅You will need ✔️A keen eye ✔️Friends ✔️A caring attitude for fellow swappers and our environment NOTE If you are unable to attend the event, we would be happy to do so IF requested a minimum of 5 days before the event. After this, we will not be able to provide refunds.

⭐Additional Perks

DECLUTTER - First 500 shoppers to DECLUTTER will be rewarded with 5,000 Plus$ - Not a Lendlease Plus member yet? Score additional 5,000 Plus$* when you sign up with promo code LLP21313 via the Lendlease Plus mobile app or web. REFRESH - Registered participants will receive a goodie bag

Who's Joining In the Fun

Eco advocates, charities and ground up initiatives from across Singapore are joining us on our rescue mission!


313@somerset is the event sponsor and providing 50% on event registration for this event! Their generosity is testament to their commitment to a greener planet!

View their Website


Our official charity partner, Souls4Soles will be shipping off all the remnants of The Rescue Project to deserving beneficiaries across Asia.

View their Website


Secondsguru are a dynamic team of eco advocates looking make the world a greener place! Their mission is to empower us all live more consciously.

View their Website


Susgain is a lifestyle app that empowers you to live a sustainable life by providing you eco options and lucrative rewards. Download now to get started!

View their Website


Greensquare works keep textiles in closed recycling loop to help:

a. conserve natural resources (E.g. it takes 6813 litres/1800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make just one pair of jeans)

b. reduce environmental pollution (as we reduce the waste going to the incineration plant and landfill)

c. facilitate economical pricing for clothes and foot wear (for use in developing countries)

View their Website

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How does Swapaholic work?

♻️ SWAP IN items from your closet and pay a service fee ♻️EARN points for each of your items ♻️SWAP OUT items from the Shop or Online using your points! 💳Details on the Online Packages: 💳Details on the Shop Packages:

How does the Swapling Point system work?

Swapling Points are calculated using our proprietary algorithm that assesses your item based on several parameters including but not limited to the fabric, brand, style, trend etc. You can guesstimate the value of your items on our homepage.

How much is the service fee?

Our very affordable service fee differs across our omni channel platforms to ensure we keep the prices for each option as low as possible. 🛍 SHOP SHOP PLANS:
🛍 ONLINE PLANS: 🛍 EVENTS: Pricing varies based on the event venue and sponspors

Where is the Swap Shop?

#04-07 Orchard Central. Were ppen daily from 11 am - 10 pm

We get it. It can be confusing when you first start swapping!  We're here to answer all your questions and support your journey in any way we can.

Together we've saved

our planet without compromising our fashion or wallet


Fashion Items


Litres of Water


Kilograms of CO2e Emissions

They’ve shared our story

without us having to ask.

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Channel 8
Eco Business
Her World

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