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⏰ 12 - 9 pm

📅 26 May - 4 June 2023 

📍 #02-04A The Centrepoint 

Let’s rescue pre-loved items from reaching our one and only 

Semakau landfill!

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Prices & Promos

🛍️  Browse and Buy

$10 for 1 item 

$20 for 3 items 

$30 for 5 items (+ 2 items FREE)

$50 for 10 items (+ 3 items FREE)



Tag us in a photo or video to get even more free items when you buy the following bundles :

$30 for 5 items (+ 4 items FREE)

$50 for 10 items (+ 5 items FREE)

🌟 Swappers with Points

Swap out anything at 2 points per item. Plus all swappers get 1 free item when swapping out more that 2 items.

Things to know before you register

The Bundle Sale is not a typical Swap Party. Please read before you register.

  • How does Swapaholic work?
    ♻️ SWAP IN items from your closet and pay a service fee ♻️EARN points for each of your items ♻️SWAP OUT items from the Shop or Online using your points! 💳Details on the Online 💳Details on the Shop
  • How much is the service fee?
    Our very affordable service fee differs across our omni channel platforms to ensure we keep the prices for each option as low as possible. 🛍 SHOP SHOP🛍 ONLINE PLANS: 🛍 EVENTS: Pricing varies based on the event venue and sponspors
  • Where is the Swap Shop?
    #04-07 Orchard Central. We're open daily from 11 am - 10 pm
  • How does the Swapling Point system work?
    Swapling Points are calculated using our proprietary algorithm that assesses your item based on several parameters including but not limited to the fabric, brand, style, trend etc. You can guesstimate the value of your items on our homepage.
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