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CNY Declutter & TRP

for Equal Opportunity



This Chinese New Year, it's more than just decluttering – it's about creating change!


Join us to support the lovely ladies at Her Rise Above (HRA).


Thank you for your donations! What's Next?

The Risers are going to get first dibs. But with your overwhelmingly generous donations, we expect to have LOADS of leftover and we are committed to ensuring these items find new homes.  So get ready to swing by to claim your treasures and support a great cause. 20% of the proceeds will support HRA.


📅  7 - 9 Feb 2024 

📍 Swapaholic at The Centrepoint

💰 Pre register: $30 for upto 10 items

 Walk in: $10 for 1, $20 for 3, $30 for 5, $50 for 10

Declutter Slots Closed

📅 16 - 29 Jan 2024

📍 Swapaholic at The Centrepoint

🛍️ Drop off a bagful of pre-owned items to support the ladies at Her Rise Above.

We're open everyday but securing your declutter spot will make your experience a breeze!

An evening with Her Rise Above

Just before the event is open to you, we have the good fortune to be spending an evening with the ladies from HRA along with their families who get to benefit from your donations. Expect to see heartwarming photos and stories from the private gathering.

📅 6 Feb 2024 (Closed for public)

📍 Swapaholic at The Centrepoint

Donate a Gift Card

Donate a CNY gift card to HRA.

Want to contribute even more to empower the ladies at Her Rise Above? Select from our CNY cards starting at just $15 to spread your kindness. 

Meet Her Rise Above (HRA)

Learn more about the impact you will create by joining this campaign

Her Rise Above is a Singapore-based volunteer initiative that supports women, referred to as
Risers, from low-income backgrounds to start or grow their home-based businesses.


Their mission is to equip Risers with the skills, knowledge, and resources to achieve their goals. Her Rise Above is supported by KRF Ltd., a family foundation.

By donating to these incredible ladies, you support their ability to grow from strength to strength. 

  • How does Swapaholic work?
    ♻️ SWAP IN items from your closet and pay a service fee ♻️EARN points for each of your items ♻️SWAP OUT items from the Shop or Online using your points! 💳Details on the Online 💳Details on the Shop
  • How much is the service fee?
    Our very affordable service fee differs across our omni channel platforms to ensure we keep the prices for each option as low as possible. 🛍 SHOP SHOP🛍 ONLINE PLANS: 🛍 EVENTS: Pricing varies based on the event venue and sponspors
  • Where is the Swap Shop?
    #04-07 Orchard Central. We're open daily from 11 am - 10 pm
  • How does the Swapling Point system work?
    Swapling Points are calculated using our proprietary algorithm that assesses your item based on several parameters including but not limited to the fabric, brand, style, trend etc. You can guesstimate the value of your items on our homepage.

They’ve shared our story

without us having to ask.

Together we've saved

our planet without compromising our fashion or wallet

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 3.12.11 PM.png


Fashion Items

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 3.12.15 PM.png


Litres of Water

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 3.12.18 PM.png


Kilograms of CO2e Emissions

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